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Unit vibration causes stress cracks at the header plate – Thin gauge material from the OEM and the absence of reinforcement material magnify this failure. Vibration absorbing rubber grommets minimize stress cracks but over time thermal expansion causes the rubber to harden and crack, minimizing any benefits from this design. Detroit Radiator delivers the PowerMax Cooler solution with its unique bar and plate design. The core is directly welded to the tanks eliminating the need for a header plate – thus eliminating header plate failures.

The PowerMax charge air cooler is composed of bars & plates welded directly to the tank with interior and exterior fins that create a better air flow.

The thick gauge aluminum allows direct welding to be possible in place of standard vacuum brazing.

Pressure tested for high horsepower trucks and strong enough to carry the 0% leakage standard.

End tanks are welded directly to the bar and plate assembly,
eliminating tube to header leaks
  • Save Up To .089 Miles To The Gallon
  • Up To 25 Additional Horsepower vs. OEM Design
  • 0% Leak Tolerance
  • Bar & Plate Tubes Offer Better Air Flow
  • Custom Designed Solutions Available
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